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The Asian American Law Enforcement Association (AALEA), is a not-for-profit organization which represents Asian Americans in law enforcement in Chicago and the Midwest – Great Lakes area.

Since being chartered in 1983, our purpose has been to develop and promote a greater degree of understanding and cooperation between the Asian American community and our respective law enforcement agencies. We encourage the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of Asians in all areas of law enforcement, as well as provide networking and training for our members.

Our objectives are to assist in the civic advancement and cultural development of the Asian American communities through means consistent with the policies of the various law enforcement agencies we represent.

Currently, we have approximately 200+ members from the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Sheriff’s Department, Illinois State Police, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and various other law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Members must be at least one quarter (1/4) of Asian descent and a member in good standing of a recognized law enforcement agency. Associate memberships are available to others who wish to support our organization, but are not members of a law enforcement agency or are not of Asian descent.

AALEA is a member of the National Asian Peace Officers Association (NAPOA) and therefore members by proxy, are also members of NAPOA.

Asian Americans in law enforcement agencies are an “invisible minority”, where too often, we are blended in and unrecognized. AALEA hopes that through our involvement with the community, our high degree of professionalism will be acknowledged and the advancement of Asian Americans in law enforcement will be realized.

AALEA Officers

• President: Ron Bongat
Oak Park Police Department

• Vice President: Alex Kim
Chicago Police Department

• Secretary: Thomas Freitag
Chicago Police Department

• Treasurer: Jason Woo
Illinois State Police

• Sergeant at Arms: Martin Natividad
Chicago Police Department


AALEA Board Members

• David Chu
Chicago Police Department

• John Pham
Chicago Police Department

• Dale Wing
Chicago Police Department (retired)

• Sun Wing Leung (Winger)
Chicago Police Department (retired)

Immediate Past AALEA President

• Thomas Freitag
Chicago Police Department

AALEA Counsel

• Seung Cho
Chicago Police Department

The Founders of AALEA

AALEA honors and recognizes the extraordinary work and tireless effort of the founding members for making our organization what it is today. Beginning with
with nine police officers, this organization has grown to include exempt rank members, Lieutenants, Sergeants and hundreds of officers. The work of AALEA continues because of their legacy.

• Cory Chan
• Malcom Woo
• Charles Dulay
• Dale Wing
• Roland Woo
• Lucy-Moy-Bartosik
• Deme Pasquale
• Michael Naito
• Sun Wing Leung


AALEA By-Laws 23 Apr 2013

National Asian Peace Officers By Laws – 2013


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