2015 Conference



NAPOA President’s Message…

The National Asian Peace Officers’ Association (NAPOA) will be holding our 28th Annual NAPOA Training Symposium and Exposition in New Orleans, LA, also known as “The Big Easy”. This year’s conference will be held at Harrah’s New Orleans Resort on August 17 -20, 2015. This year’s theme “One Vision, One Voice, One Mission” will focus on the great partnerships within NAPOA, created with all local, state and federal agencies, as well the communities they serve. As we come together, from different parts of the world, we share the same goals and aspirations. United in this commonality, the bond strengthens us and we become as “One”. We are also celebrating the 35th anniversary of NAPOA, commemorating our founding fathers vision that we, as Asian Pacific Americans in law enforcement, have the ability to overcome all obstacles that we encounter. NAPOA strives to build stronger relationships with the communities we serve and represent, recruitment and mentoring new Peace Officers, preparing and supporting members in the promotional process and working with various law enforcement leaders to increase and diversify the work force.


James Ng

James Ng
NAPOA President



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