2018 Annual Awards Dinner

Come join us for our ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER

Saturday October 20th, 2018.

Tickets: includes Appetizers, Dinner, Entertainment, and Raffle. FREE PARKING.

WHERE: New Furama Restaurant located at 2828 S. Wentworth, 3rd Floor Chicago IL.

There is an elevator to get to the 3rd floor or you may use the stairwell. Registration will be in the foyer area on the 3rd floor.

RECEPTION: begins at 6 pm,  and dinner at 7:30 pm.

PARKING: There are a few spots in front of the restaurant and there is courtesy parking from the city on the east side of Wentworth.
There is a small lot at the corner of 2900 S. Wentworth on the southwest corner. You cannot park in front to the right of the restaurant entrance as that is for residents.


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General membership meeting September-17-2018

There will be a General Membership Meeting on Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 7 PM at Furama Restaurant located at 2828 S. Wentworth 2nd floor. The cost per members will be $10 and $15 for non members. Topics will include the upcoming elections for the AALEA Executive board, the awards dinner on October 20th, AALEA Christmas party in December.

As the elections are coming up, the letter of intent to run for office is linked here 2018 AALEA Election Schedule & Letter of Intent.

Letters of intent are due by September 13th and must be postmarked by the 13th if sending by mail. If you are attending the meeting on Sep 17th, you may bring your letter in person. You will need seven signatures from members in good standing with dues current. This meeting will be a good time to bring up questions to the candidates who are running why you should vote for them, concerns you have, suggestions and other comments you wish to bring up.

There is also an application for The Trooper Chong Soo Lim Scholarship Award. The application is linked here 2018 AALEA Trooper Lim Member Scholarship Application

If you know of any officer you would like to nominate for an AALEA Award please contact us ASAP! (Recognition Awards for those who received a life saving award, department commendation, awards for valor, or if you know of any others please let us know!)

Hope you can make this very important meeting on September 17th. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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